EMDR trauma therapy

Treating Trauma with EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

EMDR – “The revolutionary new therapy for freeing the mind, clearing the body and opening the heart” – Laurel Parnell Phd

Do you experience any of the following symptoms…..

Intrusive or upsetting memories of an event
Flashbacks (acting or feeling like it is happening again)
Nightmares (either of the event or other frightening things)
Feelings of intense distress emotional or physical when reminded of the trauma.

Do you notice that you are……

Avoiding things that remind you of the trauma
Generally have increased anxiety and emotional arousal
If you are, these are all indicators that you have experienced a trauma that you are struggling to process.  This  may also indicate that you are stuck and not able to move on with your life in general.

Research shows that this revolutionary approach is not only effective in treating trauma, but also achieves meaningful results within weeks… much faster than conventional psychotherapies.

What to expect

Phases of treatment include

Phase one: Assessment, Stabilisation and Preparation for processing
Phase Two: Memory processing, letting go of the past one memory at a time
Phase Three: Moving forward and resource building

EMDR uses different forms of bi-lateral stimulation to aid memory processing. This is just stimulating one side of the body or brain and then the other using either eye movements or other methods such as tapping.  Stimulating the body in this way promotes the fast freeing of alarming images, physical sensations, overwhelming emotions and disabling personal beliefs.

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