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Nurturing Your Inner Child

No matter how distant or alien this may seem, each one of us has an “Inner Child”.  This is the part of us that is spontaneous, creative and loving. This is our real self, who we truly are.

Our true self is accepting of our-self and others.  It accepts how we feel without judgment or fear.  S/he feels, whether those feelings are joyful or painful.  Our Inner child is free and capable of infinite love.

With the help of parents, other authority figures and institutions most of us learn to suppress or deny our child within. Trauma, neglect and grief can also bring pressure and we learn to stifle our inner child.

When this vital part of ourselves is not nurtured and allowed freedom of expression, a false self emerges. By contrast this false self generally feels uncomfortable, strained and not authentic.  This self focuses on what others want it to be. It covers up and hides feelings as it has censored as “wrong” or “bad”.

To rediscover and connect once again with your “Inner Child” you must learn to nurture, accept and allow. Follow the link to this beautiful video which will give you a start to this process.

Nurture Your Inner Child