Let’s Stop The Nightmares

Do you experience distressing dreams?

Justin Havens has developed the dream technique to help you stop the nightmares. This technique works even if you don’t remember the dream!

Follow this link for Justin’s short video on how to use his technique.

An interesting article about EMDR

Hi everyone, a colleague sent a link to this interesting article on EMDR.

It is an account from a client’s perspective on receiving EMDR Therapy and was published in Vogue magazine in April 2021.

The references to EMDR therapy are accurate and give you an honest account of this client’s journey through EMDR therapy and the effects of the pandemic on her treatment. Click here for the link to the article.

Don’t Suffer In Silence Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This video is specifically about PTSD in the emergency services.

PTSD affects all sorts of people, but those in the emergency services are very particularly affected as they are exposed to working with high levels of trauma.

As this video explains there is help through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) and CBT (Coogntive Behavioural Therapy). Both methods have an effective evidence based record for treating PTSD… there is no need to suffer … seek help today …

Click here to watch this video.

How to stop worrying whether people like you?

One of the most acute questions we ask ourselves in relation to new friends and acquaintances is whether or not they like us. The question feels so significant because, depending on how we answer it in our minds, we will either take steps to deepen the friendship or, as is often the case, immediately make moves to withdraw from it so as to spare ourselves humiliation and embarrassment.

But what is striking and sad is how essentially passive we are in relation to this enquiry. We assume that there is a more or less binary answer, that it is wholly in the remit of the other person to settle it – and that there is nothing much we could do to shift the verdict one way or the other. Either someone wants to be our friend – or they don’t – and the answer, while it is about us, is essentially disconnected from any of our own initiatives.

The link below will connect you to a video produced by the School of Life on just this topic. The aim of it is to help you understand the complexities of our early meetings with people and how we can influence the outcomes unwittingly.

Click here to view the video