From Nightmares to Peaceful Sleep….

Dr Justin Havens, a senior and well respected EMDR Consultant has developed a technique for dealing with nightmares, night terrors and other disturbing dreams. His technique can be used whether or not you remember your dream.

It is a straightforward technique that does not need you to go over your dream, analyse it or even remember it for the technique to be effective.

Follow the link below to watch a short video that Dr Havens has put together about how to use his technique.


Understanding Depression…two useful guides

Depression is one of those things that is sometimes really hard to understand.  People sometimes judge a person negatively when they have depression if they don’t understand.

I am often asked … “What can I do to help someone experiencing depression?”

If you want to know more about supporting someone with depression then I recommend you read a book called “Living with a black dog” by Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone.  The term “black dog” was first coined by the Roman poet Horace and later adopted  by Winston Churchill to describe his own depression.  “Living with a black dog” is a great book and is aimed and helping those who want know how to help someone with depression.

If you want to know more about depression, then Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone have also written “I had a black dog”.

These books have now been converted into a short video on YouTube…

Click here to watch Living with a black dog on video

Click here to watch I had a black dog on video