Couples therapy

Couple counselling can help if:

  • You want to improve trust within your relationship
  • The spark has gone from your relationship and things have become routine or flat
  • Your relationship is in crisis
  • Communication has broken down
  • You have emotional struggles or differences
  • When you are feeling unappreciated in your relationship
  • You are experiencing sexual difficulties

Couple counselling provides a safe and supportive setting where you can share your difficulties and set backs.

Derek is impartial, accepting and empathic and he will help you both to explore and share.  He will share some new tools with you to help you overcome your barriers to connect with each other.  You will identify your patterns and where appropriate work together to develop new ways of being together.

This can bring a new sense of vitality to your relationship, increase your awareness of each others needs.  This in turn helps you both grow in confidence and self esteem.

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