Individual therapy

Are you feeling sad, afraid, depressed, angry, hurt, abandoned or even overwhelmed?

Sometimes it is difficult to make sense of our lives and understand why we react in a particular way and we may feel unable to change or to cope with what is happening. Talking to friends or family can help, but they may not have the time you need or they may get over-involved. Maybe you just don’t wish to share really intimate problems with them.

It is at difficult times like these when a growing number of people decide to talk things over with a professional counsellor or psychotherapist; someone who is trained to be supportive and listen attentively and to help you through your ‘bad patch.’

Individual counselling is about sharing your troubles with a non-judgemental listener, in a safe and supportive setting. Your counsellor is someone who will help you to understand how events from the past and worries about the future or lack of confidence are preventing you from moving on with your life.

Suppressing or denying strong feelings can cause all sorts of physical problems, such as headaches, lack of energy, poor sleep etc.

If you are struggling with emotional distress, then counselling can help you to identify the underlying causes or issues and help you to find more productive ways of coping.

Counselling is not about telling you what to do or giving advice; it is about being encouraged to use your own resources to make your choices.

Both Derek and Kim can offer you individual 1:1 therapy.

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