Kim Hamilton, counsellor
Here are some testimonials from Kim’s clients…

“Thats a great report thank you very much… for all your help & support it has been amazing. I dont know where I’d be now without dealing with the stuff I have with you. I would highly recommend EMDR therapy to any1 going through similar problems. 😀”                J 2020

“I wanted to reflect a while before thanking you from the bottom of my heart for the ways in which you enabled me to gain clarity and a sense of wellbeing in my life.  With your skilled help I have a foundation for growth that feels secure and resilient.  Thank you, with my very best wishes …S”

“Thank you so much for helping me finding myself.  It has been a very interesting journey and although at times it wasn’t easy I am really glad I did it.  I will really miss our sessions but I know it is time I managed my life on my own.  You are really good at what you do.  I will always remember you as the person who saved me when I thought there wasn’t a way out for me. You’re a star… All the best and lots of love… S”


“My top rate is not out of politeness but because Kim deserves nothing less.  She is profesional, caring and a credit to her profession.  She not only helped me through a difficult time but, I believe more importantly, gave me the tools I needed to achieve my ambitions without her support.  I would highly recommend her… C.”


For making a safe place for me to fall apart in, dislodge some of my fortifications, draw closer to the sorrow and pain I locked away, so carefully, so lovingly, so long ago.

For encouraging me to  find my way back through the labyrinth, brave the minotaur and glimpse the hidden hoard.

For helping me to understand why I choose to work with the bereaved, the abused, the hurting and the angry.

For not judging me, not resucing me, not dropping me, not falling for me or victimising me.

For drawing my attention to the rusty white armour and the petulant victim.

For your disciplined compassion

And most of all for being there, week after week, welcoming calm alert honest, persistent gently mindful heartful.

Thank you… Bless you …B”


“Thank you for helping me for out the muddle in my head.  You’ve made a massive difference to my life and that  of my family.  I feel more adult emotionally and I really know who I am.  I am no longer lost and confused.  the little girl who was so scared, angry and betrayed is now acquainted with the adult woman you helped me find.  I will never forget all that you have done for me.  I will miss you.  V.R.”



” I really wasn’t sure what to expect, indeed my therapist told me not to expect anything but to just “go with it” – not the most reassuring words to someone like me who likes to “know”.

It didn’t feel like much – actually rather boring just watching this dot and listening to the monotonous noise, then all of a sudden 3-4 sessions in something strange happened.  I really don’t know what it was but it was calm, unannounced and enlightening.  No bolt of lightening, no sudden realisation, just a growing sense send of wellness.

We all have that drawer or box full of old cables, phone chargers, extension leads and cables.  It’s always such a mess and we keep promising ourselves that next weekend we will organise it.  It’s a real birds nest of tangles, wire and disorganisation.  Well somehow that drawer that was in my head full of disorganised tangle, organised itself.  Everything was neat and tidy, all rolled up, easy to see, to separate and to distinguish.  No more mess, no more clutter, no more headache.  The dot and noise had somehow (and I dont know how) done its job.

Things were, are and remain clearer.

Mad – but it worked