Why do I keep finding myself in abusive relationships?

Have you ever wondered why you keep ending up with abusive, narcissistic type people?

Clients have often described how they feel like they attract the wrong people or they must have a sign on them that attracts narcissistic people. Do you rack your brains trying to find out what it is about you that attracts such people?

Well one possible answer is that you might be an empath.

Empaths and narcissists attract each other and fit together like hand and glove. Even though it is an uncomfortable, abusive and unhappy experience for you, you still somehow keep ending up still end in these relationships.

Abdul Saad, a psychologist from Australia has his own understanding on this phenomenon. Below is a link to his talk about the empath in this dynamic and in particular focussing on the Empaths inner beliefs that keep them stuck.

Click here to view the video on YouTube.